Top 5 Cross-Cut Paper Shredders

In this day and age of identity theft, stolen passwords and pins, and malicious record and document harvesting, protecting oneself against white-collar crime has become both necessary yet difficult. That is why one tool every person should have to guard against these types of concerns is a cross-cut paper shredder. Many people believe tearing up a sensitive document is enough to avoid having somebody else steal information from it, but the truth is any dedicated criminal will take the time to piece the paper puzzle together and still find a way to use your information against you. That is a where a cross-cut shredder becomes important. Cross-cut shredders will rip apart any paper not just vertically, but also horizontally, cutting into hundreds and even thousands of pieces any piece of document. Another plus for cross-cut paper shredders is that the cutting devices in most cross-cut shredders creates uniform pieces, making it all the more difficult (and quite impossible, really) for any unscrupulous person to read what was on the document. Don’t forget, junk mail and credit card offers can also put you at risk—so shred these, too! Here are my 5 picks for good paper shredders.

Staples 20-Sheet Cross-Cut Compacting Shredder

If your paper-shredding needs are office-duty heavy, you will need a high-quality, industrial-strength device to destroy not just paper, but CDs, credit cards, and the like. That is where Staples’ 20-sheet cross-cut compacting shredder comes into the fold. The Staples 20-sheet machine can handle, 20 sheets at a time and 100 uses every day. It comes with a 9-gallon bin for disposal, and makes virtual confetti out of your paper: the cross-cutter creates 5/32″ by 1-19/32″ pieces—you will foil any identity thieve with this machine! Staples is selling this machine for $249.99.

Ativa V-120 Cross-Cut Shredder

Here is a handy device for marathon paper shedding runs. The Ativa V-120 Cross-Cut Shredder can handle up to 7 sheets of paper at a time and up to 12 feet of paper per minute. That equates to about 100 sheets of typical 8-1/2″ by 11″ paper being shredded every 60 seconds. The Ativa, which has an automatic starting option (so you do not need to push a button when you want to start shredding) keeps the job moving fast, and with a 5.67 gallon wastebasket, you will be able to destroy many documents before you need to empty the trash bin. The shredder minces the paper, too; it creates shreds measuring .1562″ by .9844″. The Ativa V-120 Cross-Cut Shredder costs $339.99 at Office Depot.

Aurora 6-Sheet Cross-Cutter AS662C

This Aurora cross-cutting paper shredder is much like an Aurora cross-cutter my family purchased years ago—and it still works well. This is a fine machine for typical home, private use. The Aurora 6-sheet cross-cutter AS662C can destroy 6 sheets per run (and staples and paper clips) and renders documents virtually unreadable with a 1/5″ by 1-17/20″ shred measurement. Like our machine, the Aurora AS662C has overheating protection and includes a small wastebasket. Therefore, the shredder will stop working if it gets too hot. The Aurora AS662C may take you a while to destroy a whole banker’s box worth of documents, but it a beautiful device for any home and cost-effective, too, at only $39.99 on Target’s website.

Royal KS7 7-Sheet Cross Cut Paper Shredder

This Royal cross-cut paper shredder is another great device for home use. Sold with a 10-gallon wastebasket, the Royal KS7 includes an automatic-feed feature and can deftly handle 7 sheets of paper at a time. The Royal KS7 also offers a special safety guard and the ability to cut staples and credit cards. The Royal KS7 cuts paper to a size of 1/8″ by 1″.Wal-Mart is selling the Royal KS7 for $52.80.

Staples MAILMATE M3 Shredder

A good low-to-middle price-range paper shredder for both home of office use is Staples’ MAILMATE M3 model. This cross-cut shredder can tackle 12 piece of paper at a time, can destroy CDs, DVDs, credit cards, staples, and even unopened envelopes with mail still inside! With a 1.8 gallon wastebasket and .2″ by 1″ shred size (note, .2″, not 2″), the Staples MAILMATE makes for a great purchase at only $79.99 on the Staples website.

Product Review: Aroma 8-Cup Cool-Touch Rice Cooker

Rice is a simple, healthy addition to almost any meal. The problem with rice comes with cooking it since it can take a long time and sticks to the pot. I recently purchased the Aroma 8-Cup Cool-Touch Rice Cooker from Target and found that it has several uses in addition to cooking rice quickly and easily. This rice cooker has a 15 hour delay timer so that I can load it with rice in the morning, set it to be done when I get home from work, and not have to worry about cooking when I get home. The product cooks rice while I am gone and then switches to “keep warm” mode when it finishes so that even if I am late I will still have fresh rice.

I have found that this cooker makes great rice for me every time. The only tricky part is that this system measures rice different than traditional measures so you need to be sure to use the included measuring cup. If you have problems with the rice sticking to the bottom of the pot, add an extra cup of water or consider buying rice that is from Thailand because it is higher quality than other white rice.

The clean up for this rice cooker is quick and easy because it is coated with a nonstick surface. It cannot go in the dishwasher but wiping it out quickly with a wet cloth will do the job, if you don’t like this one though then see some rice cooker reviews and it’ll help you find a good one.

Even though this product is called a rice cooker, it can cook several other things as well making it a great multi-purpose cooker which only costs $30. I fill it with oatmeal before I go to bed and set it for the time I plan to get up. I have hot oatmeal waiting for me when I get up and do not have to cook anything for the rest of the family because they can simply scoop out a portion on their own. There is a tray that goes over the rice part which is great for cooking additional items. Chicken comes very tender and moist when cooked in this way. Frozen veggies can be steamed in the top basket and then mixed with the rice to create a stir fry.

I really like using this product because it can save me time and energy. One device is able to cook an entire meal at once. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to save time or have dinner waiting for them when they get home.

External Compression or Swim Goggle Headaches

Also called swim goggle headaches, helmet headaches or supraorbital neuralgia, external compression headaches are caused by equipment placed on the head in order to work or play. Anyone prone to migraines can find that external compression headache suddenly triggers a crippling migraine. But on the whole, these annoying headaches can be cured.

What Do They Feel Like?

According to the Mayo Clinic, external compression headaches tend to come on gradually. The pain is around where your head equipment connects with your head. So, if you wear a hard hat for horseback riding, anywhere underneath your hard hat could become sore and gradually gets worse as the ride progresses. If you wear swim goggles, then the pain will be where the band presses against your head and around your eyes.

The pain is similar to having someone squeeze your head with their hands. After a while, your head begins to ache from the constant pressure. If you’ve never had someone squeeze your head with their hands, consider yourself lucky. But if you have had to wear a headband or hat that was far too tight, then you know what it feels like. John C. O’Brien, Jr., MD noted that one of his patients with external compression headache complained of “painful hair.”

First Step

External compression headaches may lead to longer lasting head and body aches such as tension-type headaches or migraines. Tension-type headache pain can spread down your jaw or neck and lodge in between your shoulders. The body often adjusts or tenses up in other areas such as the neck and shoulders in order to try and compensate for the pain felt in the head.

Although the causes of migraines aren’t fully understood, a small aggravating pain like external compression headache may trigger one. Many people with migraines need several small factors to fall into place in order to get a big migraine. Often these aggravating pains cause stress or eyestrain which can cause a person to breathe shallow breaths or miss a meal and suddenly they have a migraine.


In the heat of competition, you may not be aware of external compression migraine until the activity is over. You may be so tired that you may not realize that your hat or goggles are too tight. If this pattern keeps repeating, then you need to either get a bigger piece of equipment or adjust it so it isn’t so tight.

But in the pain of the headache, a cool ice bag and over the counter painkillers is what is needed. It’s good to sit down and just be still for about ten minutes. This not only helps the painkillers to work, but also helps you to calm down and relax, which can help to alleviate pain. Some people advocate a gentle neck and shoulder massage to help bring on relaxation. Others enjoy aromatherapy to help them relax, inhaling the soothing aromas of frankincense, lavender or even peppermint.

Runes of Magic Compared To League

Runes of Magic (ROM) is an intriguing fantasy MMORPG that has many unique characteristics that differs from your common mmo. Here’s the list of complementary on-line games to Wizard101. Inside this post we cover a number of the optimal/optimally multiplayer games with low system requirements readily available online.

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To have a stream likely on your PC, you’re going to want a streaming program. Ezreal is not hard to kill with Twitch. Nobody wants to watch a stream when nobody is there.

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